Porsche Taycan caught on fire – burning down a garage in Florida

Fred Lambert – February 17th, 2020

A Porsche Taycan electric car caught on fire at a residence in Florida yesterday, leading to significant damage to the house and a complete loss of the car.

After launching the Taycan late last year, the German premium automaker started deliveries in December, with the first 130 cars in the US.

Now we learn that one of those Taycan premium sedans has caught on fire and burned down a garage in South Florida on February 16.

Not many details are known at this time, but images of the aftermath were posted on social media showing that the electric car was burned down to the some parts of the frame, and the garage sustained significant damages:

Locals on Twitter who have videos of the aftermath are not sharing details in order to protect the identity of the owner, but they claim that the vehicle “exploded” inside the garage.

We reached out to Porsche to get more details.

The automaker confirmed to Electrek that they are aware of the incident and that no one was hurt.

At this point, Porsche says that it is too early to speculate about the cause, but they are investigating the situation. A Porsche spokesperson told Electrek that it is the first reported instance of a fire involving a Taycan.

Electrek’s Take

We’re glad that no one was hurt. At least physically, because it must hurt emotionally to see your brand-new $150,000+ car and garage being destroyed like that.

Electric car fires often get a lot of attention from the mainstream media, despite the fact that they happen far less frequently than gasoline car fires.

Fires involving Tesla vehicles in particular get a lot of coverage, and they do appear to be more frequent than other electric vehicles, but it’s mainly due to the fact that Tesla has a lot more EVs on the road than any other automakers.

In terms of the Taycan, what is more worrying is that there are currently very few of them on the road, and one already caught on fire.

However, I think it’s too early to panic here. A lot of different things could have happened to cause the fire, and some of them would have nothing to do with the car itself.

We will keep monitoring the situation, and we will update when we get more details.

Source: Electrek