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Man suffers second degree burns after vape pen battery explodes

YORK COUNTY — Injuries related to vape pen explosions are on the rise across the country.

In York County, one man says he suffered second degree burns after a battery from an e-cigarette exploded in his pocket.

“All of the sudden it flew out of my pocket up into the air,” said Austin Wright.  “It was just spinning around just on fire the whole side of my shorts were also on fire,” he added.

Austin Wright of York County, walked us through the day his vape pen battery exploded.

“I was sitting in the chair, that was when it flew out of my pocket onto the carpet,” said Wright.

The battery in the vape pen, catching fire, leaving wright with second degree burns.

A study from the New England Journal of Medicine revealed more than 2,000 visits were made to emergency rooms in the u-s from 2015 to 2017 for e-cigarette related injuries.

“There are no labels on there besides the nicotine causing there is nothing about explosions or anything like that there is nothing about that,” said Wright.

According to the FDA e-cigarette explosions happen when the lithium-ion battery inside a vape pen overheats.

“It’s scary that could happen to a younger kid and maybe have worse damages,” said Wright.

In Nevada, a 17-year-old teen’s vape pen, exploded, knocking out his teeth and shattering his jaw.

“I feel lucky that my daughter wasn’t here that really scared me that was the first thing that I thought of,” said Wright.

We reached out to some vape shops in the area to see what they are doing to make sure people are aware of the dangers.

None were willing to speak to us on camera however they did tell us they encourage anyone with a vape pen to check their batteries for erosion and keep them in a separate case to avoid potential issues.

The FDA is continuing to  collect more data to address the problem.

Source: Fox 43 Pennsylvania