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Woman hurt after vape pen battery explodes at Jackson Dairy Queen

JACKSON, Wis. (CBS 58) — A Dairy Queen worker’s hair is said to have caught fire when the battery in her vape pen exploded inside her purse. 

It happened around 8:45 Tuesday morning at the Dairy Queen in Jackson while the woman was on her break. 

The restaurant owner says the woman’s hair was on fire and she had injuries to her face. 

She was taken to the hospital but was able to return to work. 

The FDA says battery-related issues may lead to e-cigarette explosions. Officials recommend people know as much as possible about their vaping device, including how to properly charge cartridge batteries. People should also consider using vape devices with safety features, like vent holes, so the battery doesn’t overcharge. 

Another tip, make sure to only use batteries recommended for your e-cigarette. 

Source: WDJT 58 Milwaukee