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Crash investigators trace UPS plane fire to batteries

Crash investigators in the United Arab Emirates traced the fire that destroyed a UPS plane in 2010 to the cargo of lithium batteries, and found that smoke-detection equipment took too long to alert the crew, according to a report released Wednesday. That country’s General Civil Aviation Authority found that heat from the fire disabled the […]

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UK investigators blame a new kind of battery for Ethiopian Airlines 787 fire

The fire that caused significant damage to an Ethiopian Airlines 787 Dreamliner sitting on the tarmac of London’s Heathrow airport last week is now officially being blamed by British authorities on batteries — but not the same ones that led to the 787’s months-long grounding earlier this year. This time, the focus is on an emergency locator transmitter (ELT) […]

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Boeing 787 Catches Fire in London

Just two months after Boeing seemed to have left the problems with its 787 Dreamliner behind, it suffered another setback on Friday, when a fire broke out inside an Ethiopian Airlines 787 parked at Heathrow Airport in London. It was not immediately clear what caused the fire or how serious the repercussions would be. But […]


Expert Says Lithium-Ion Battery Technology Fails to Meet Expectations; Li-Ion Needs to be Safer

This is sure to be controversial, so we’ll premise this post with this: InsideEVs does not necessarily endorse or support the views presented by “the experts” at a forum organized by the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). “The experts,” which here refers to Yet-Ming Chiang, a professor of materials science and engineering at the […]


Mitsubishi Extends Production Halt on Outlander PHEV as Perplexing Battery Investigation Continues

Mitsubishi will extend its production halt and stop sale of its Outlander PHEV until it fully determines the cause of an overheating lithium-ion battery event that occurred in one of the PHEV Outlanders back on March 21 and a few other similar incidents involving battery pack issues in the plug-in crossover. The automaker promptly stopped production and […]

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Boeing Dreamliner Investigation Focuses on Combusting Batteries

A WEEK AFTER the Federal Aviation Administration initiated a grounding of the Boeing 787 that spread worldwide, there is still no indication of when the Dreamliner fleet may return to the skies. After some initial hope that the airplane could begin flying again over the weekend, investigators in the U.S. and Japan continue to focus on […]

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Powerful But Fragile: The Challenge Of Lithium Batteries

Boeing announced late Friday that it is postponing deliveries of its new 787 Dreamliner because of problems with its big batteries. Aviation authorities in the U.S. and abroad grounded the new jetliners after those batteries failed in two planes operated by Japanese airlines, including one battery that burned while the plane was on the ground. […]

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Praised but Fire-Prone, Battery Fails Test in 787 Image

Powerful and lightweight, lithium-ion batteries are the perfect power source for modern gadgets. But ubiquitous as they are, their short history has also been fraught with problems — they have caught fire in cellphones, laptop computers and electric cars, and even destroyed a small Navy submarine. Now, federal investigators are trying to determine why a […]

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FAA grounds all Boeing 787 airplanes in the US after second battery-related fire

Following All Nippon Airways decision to ground its fleet of Boeing 787s Dreamliners, the Federal Aviation Administration has announced that all 787s in the US are to be grounded pending an investigation into the recent lithium-ion battery failures that have caused fires in Boston and Japan. Just yesterday, a 787 had to make an emergency landing in […]

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Fire aboard empty 787 Dreamliner prompts investigation

A smoky fire broke out aboard an empty Japan Airlines 787 Dreamliner in Boston on Monday in the latest glitch for the much-heralded Boeing model.The Japan Airlines plane, which had arrived at Logan Airport from Tokyo at 10 a.m., was being prepared for a noon departure at a gate when a maintenance worker noticed smoke […]

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Boeing working with JAL on 787 fire at Boston airport

A battery explosion and subsequent fire damaged a parked and empty Japan Air Lines (JAL) Boeing 787 shortly after landing at Boston Logan International airport following a nearly 12h flight from Tokyo. One battery in the aircraft’s aft electrical equipment bay exploded on the aircraft and caused a secondary fire while it was parked at […]

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Fire brought down Asiana 747F in just 18min

Korean investigators have revealed only 18min elapsed between detection of fire on board an Asiana Airlines Boeing 747-400F, and the fatal loss of the aircraft in the sea. But while the inquiry has disclosed more details of the dangerous cargo on board the aircraft, it has yet to reach conclusions over the origin of the […]

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