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INMETCO building severely damaged Sunday in fire

ELLWOOD CITY — Residents near the INMETCO facility were advised Sunday morning to remain in their homes and close their windows — which wasn’t really an issue following an overnight frost — during a fire in one of the battery processing plant’s buildings. Brian Melcer, Lawrence County Public Safety director, said the fire affected INMETCO’s […]

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Nvidia recalls all Shield Tablets due to battery fire hazard

Nvidia promised spectacular, unprecedented gaming performance from its 8-inch Shield Tablet last year, but its pursuit of extreme performance seems to have gone a tiny bit too far. The company is now recalling its first Android tablet device due to a potential fire hazard posed by the battery, which can overheat. No details are provided about the […]

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Apple recalls Beats Pill XL speakers over battery fire safety risks

Company asks customers to stop using speakers, promising refund after discovering that ‘in rare cases’ they may catch on fire Apple has issued a voluntary recall of its Beats Pill XL speakers, after discovering that the device’s battery can overheat and catch on fire. While the company claims that this is “rare”, it is nevertheless asking […]

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Lenovo begins global recall for fire hazard ThinkPad batteries

Lenovo has begun a worldwide recall on lithium-ion batteries from several ThinkPad models, saying they pose a fire hazard risk. Lenovo launched the battery recall yesterday following two reports in North America of battery packs overheating, causing damage to the batteries themselves, the computers holding them, and nearby property, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) […]

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Crash investigators trace UPS plane fire to batteries

Crash investigators in the United Arab Emirates traced the fire that destroyed a UPS plane in 2010 to the cargo of lithium batteries, and found that smoke-detection equipment took too long to alert the crew, according to a report released Wednesday. That country’s General Civil Aviation Authority found that heat from the fire disabled the […]

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Powerful But Fragile: The Challenge Of Lithium Batteries

Boeing announced late Friday that it is postponing deliveries of its new 787 Dreamliner because of problems with its big batteries. Aviation authorities in the U.S. and abroad grounded the new jetliners after those batteries failed in two planes operated by Japanese airlines, including one battery that burned while the plane was on the ground. […]

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