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DC suspends Skip scooter service after battery fire

The Washington, D.C., Department of Transportation suspend Skip Scooter’s operation permit on Wednesday following a battery fire at the company’s warehouse, the Washington Post reported.

Skip had already suspended service for a few days after one scooter caught on fire on May 30, but resumed operations June 6. 

DDOT said in a statement obtained by the Post Wednesday that it has suspended the company’s permit for at least 30 days.

“The suspension requires that all Skip branded vehicles are removed from the public space in the next 24 hours,” an agency statement said. “DDOT’s priority is to maintain the safety of the public space and will continue to monitor the situation over the coming days.”

Skip confirmed Wednesday’s fire in a tweet.

“Early this morning, our DC warehouse experienced a limited fire which investigators believe to be started in a bin of removed batteries,” the company tweeted. “This was not a scooter fire and it was not a charging-related fire.”

Electric scooters have surged in popularity nation-wide over the last year.

A study published last month by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention raised flags for the transport alternative when it found that there were about 20 injuries for every 100,000 electric scooter trips over a three-month period last year. 

Source: The Hill

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