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‘Huge flame of fire’: Teen’s painful burns after his iPhone battery explodes

A teenager is lucky to still have his eyesight after his iPhone battery exploded.

Jay Watson, from Dakabin north of Brisbane, ended up with burns to his chest and singed his hair after he tried changing the battery of his iPhone 6 on Sunday night without his shirt on.

“It was a bang and a huge flame of fire,” Jay, 15, said.

“It actually singed the top line of my hair.”

The acid from the battery spat at his chest burning him.

The teenager’s mum Kari Lashbrook said she never anticipated “anything like that would happen”.

Battery World’s Angeo Kollbrunner said the batteries were “absolutely safe” if handled correctly.

“When you manipulate any lithium-ion battery, they’re highly dangerous,” he said.

Jay said he bent his phone’s battery and “it exploded”.

He was rushed to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital for emergency treatment on Sunday but did not need to be kept overnight.

His mum is thankful his injuries were not worse.

“He could have lost his eyesight if splats of acid had actually hit his eyes as opposed to his chest,” Ms Lashbrook said.

It seems Jay has learned his lesson though.

“Curiosity killed the cat, curiosity actually burned me,” he said.

Source: Yahoo

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