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Bag fire caused by lithium batteries closed security checkpoint at Metro Airport’s North Terminal

METRO AIRPORT (WXYZ) — Travelers flying from the North Terminal at Metro Airport are dealing with a shutdown at one of the security checkpoints.

The checkpoint was closed after a bag fire that was caused by lithium batteries.

A bag fire caused by lithium batteries has temporarily closed the @DTWeetin Blue 1 North Checkpoint. All passengers being screened at Blue 2 checkpoint until the area is cleaned up. If traveling this afternoon, please arrive early to account for longer than usual wait times.

Wait times as of 4:30 pm for North Blue 2 Checkpoint: 15 mins standard, 5 mins PreCheck. All officers from the closed checkpoint have been moved to support operation on Blue 2.

Big shout out to @DTWeetin @TSA Lead Officer John Barela, who quickly jumped into action to grab a fire extinguisher to put out the flaming bag. He also assisted in clearing the checkpoint to ensure the safety of passengers in the queue.

The checkpoint was expected to be closed for several hours.

Source: WXYZ 7 Detroit

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