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300 People Evacuated During Fire in Stella’s E-Bike Battery Warehouse

NUNSPEET, the Netherlands – It is known that e-bike batteries do pose a risk of fire, but when a full e-bike warehouse goes up in flames you have a serious problem. Last Tuesday some 300 people living in the vicinity of the Stella e-bike and battery warehouse which was on fire had to be evacuated. People complaint about irritated eyes while the fire fighters were afraid of toxic smoke caused by the burning batteries.

The local Nunspeet mayor called the fire a ‘wake-up call’. The city council and the fire fighters did not know that Stella stored 6,000 batteries and 3,000 e-bike without a battery. “The risks caused by this fire caught us by surprise,” said the mayor in the regional newspaper ‘de Stentor’. “We need to work on this and find out the risks which come with the storage of e-bike batteries. I also call for a national campaign to register where these batteries are stored in what quantities.” The day after, the initial tests results showed that the fire had not caused any toxic smoke.

Until now it is unknown what caused the fire in the e-bike battery warehouse.

How to handle accidents with e-bikes

Also the fire department calls for a national policy and the creation of a national authority on how to handle the ‘new energy sources’ in case of emergency. This should include the manufacturers of batteries, governments, experts and the fire brigade. Fire fighters increasingly encounter new devices and technology that are part of the so-called energy transition; from fossil fuels to fully renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind energy. For example in case of a fire with solar panels, or accidents with electric bicycles and cars such as the Tesla.

Stella is a Dutch e-bike maker, importer and online retailer. It was founded eight years and now operates webshop as well as 38 offline stores and employs some 400 people. The rapid expansion and aggressive pricing policy of Stella had a disruptive effect on the local IBD market causing lots of unrest among other retailers.

Source: Bike Europe

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