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Hoverboard blamed for explosion & fire in West Omaha home

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – A West Omaha woman claims her daughter’s hoverboard exploded on New Year’s Day, causing fire and smoke damage to their home.

Diane Hughes showed 6 News the charred crater in her living room carpet. She blames the damage on an exploding hoverboard. Hughes told 6 News: “The batteries kept falling out and catching the carpet on fire again.”

Hughes told 6 News she heard a loud explosion on New Year’s Day, when her daughter’s brand new hoverboard was plugged into an outlet near the family Christmas tree. Hughes said the hoverboard suddenly caught fire. She said: “There were just walls of smoke going up along the ceiling, down the walls – thick white smoke – really putrid-smelling.”

Hughes said the hoverboard was one of the newest “Swagtron” hoverboard models. She researched the product before she bought it. She said: “We went for this one because it had this fancy…battery and they marketed the safety of that battery. It was the best one you could get.”

Hughes is regretting that purchase, however, with the hoverboard left in pieces and her West Omaha home still covered in soot.

Hughes told 6 News she believes if her husband hadn’t quickly used two fire extinguishers to put out the flames, her home could have burned to the ground.

Hughes purchased the “Swagtron” hoverboard from Nebraska Furniture Mart. A store spokesperson told 6 News: “… the model of hover board was pulled from the floor. Nebraska Furniture Mart is also working with the vendor on an investigation.”

“Swagtron” hoverboards have received positive reviews online from several tech expert websites. However, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends monitoring all brands of hoverboards carefully when charging them due to the risk of fire.

In 2016, half-a-million older model hoverboards were voluntarily recalled by 10 different companies due to fire and explosion dangers in their battery packs.

Source: NBC 6 Omaha

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