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Boeing Dreamliner’s Lithium-Ion Battery Fails On United Flight To Paris

A United Airlines Boeing 787 experienced a lithium-ion battery failure on approach to Charles de Gaulle Airport on November 13. United Flight 915 was at the end of a seven-hour flight from Washington’s Dulles Airport when pilots received a warning that the main battery was overheating. United spokesman Charles Hobart confirmed the event, which was first reported by the Aviation Herald.

On landing, technicians discovered the battery “venting fluid,” with fluid dripping from the forward vent relief system, the steel box and titanium pipes Boeing installed after the airplane was grounded in 2013.

Hobart would not answer other questions but the Aviation Herald reported the airplane was in Paris for four days and brought to Denver, where it remained on the ground for another two days before returning to service.

Paul Bergman, a spokesman for Boeing said “the plane experienced a fault with a single cell,” adding that it was not a safety of flight issue.

This is not the first Dreamliner battery to go haywire in the three and a half years since the plane was released from its four-month, fleet-wide safety grounding by the Federal Aviation Administration in 2013. That came after battery malfunctions on two Japanese-operated 787s within two weeks of each other destroyed the breadbox-sized batteries and the area in which they sat, prompting three safety investigations.

Source: Forbes

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